Child and Young People Privacy Notice

Child and Young People Friendly Privacy Notice

Makhzan-e-Tasaweer (Image Library)

A Division of AMJ International

Charity no. 1102949
Company no. 4785585
  1. What is a privacy notice?

    A Privacy Notice tells you what personal data Makhzan-e-Tasaweer (the Image Library) collects about you, how we use it and what you can do about it. Personal data means any information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, address or picture. This privacy notice is designed to be read by children and young people; you might want to read it with your parents, guardians, or a teacher.

  2. Who we are?

    Makhzan-e-Tasaweer is the official Image Library of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which is managed and maintained by the centre itself. The Image Library is a part/division of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at International (“AMJ International”).

  3. Who looks after your information?

    AMJ International is the data controller of the personal data you give us. A Data controller is in charge of the personal data collected about you. The (Image Library) has appointed a Data Protection Officer; this person makes sure we do everything the law says we should. If you want to ask any questions about the personal data we collect, please contact our Data Protection Officer at:

    Email address:
    [email protected]
    Postal address:
    Tahir House, 22 Deer Park Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 3TL
  4. Why do we collect and use your information?

    We will only collect your information when we need it to help us do our job or to follow the law. Here are some of the ways we use it:

    • to get in touch with you,
    • to provide you with services and items you have requested,
    • to protect your images,
    • to assess the quality of our service or
    • to comply with the law.

  5. What information do we collect?

    Your personal information – Examples of your personal data might be your

    • name,
    • address,
    • details of a parent/guardian,
    • any image (photography/videos) identifying you.

  6. The rules we have to follow, when we collect your personal data and how long we keep it for?

    Makhzan-e-Tasaweer follows the data protection rules when we collect and use your personal data; there are six of them, but we only need to use four. More information on these rules and what they mean can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office website. Listed below are the five data protection rules we follow and examples of the types of activity they cover and how long we keep your personal data in relation to this activity:

    • The rule of Consent; i.e. signing a form that you are happy;
    • The rule of Contract; i.e. for the performance of an agreement;
    • The rule of Legitimate Interests; i.e. direct marketing;
    • The rule of Legal and Regulatory obligations; i.e. obligations to the Government; and
    • Archiving in the Public Interest; to keep images for historical reasons.

  7. Cookies

    We also use cookies on our websites. You can read more about these in our Cookie Policy.

  8. Will your information be shared?

    When we have to share your information with other people, we will only share it when you say it is ok or when the law says that we can go. When your data is shared with someone else, they must keep it safe.

    There may also be times when we need to share your information with other organisations known as (“third parties”). This privacy notice does not apply to these organisations. Please see a list of the third parties with whom we may share your personal data below:

    • National Ahmadiyya Muslim Associations - (In nations across the world)
    • Al-Shirkatul-Islamiyyah (ASI) - (United Kingdom)
    • Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation (MSAF) - (United Kingdom)
    • Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Rabwah - (Pakistan)
    • Waqf-e-Jadid Anjuman Ahmadiyya - (Pakistan)
    • Tahrike Jadid Anjuman Ahmadiyya - (Pakistan)
    • Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Qadian - (India)

  9. Do you have to give us your information?

    For some of our services you will be asked to give us quite a lot of personal information. There is some information that you can choose to give us or not. If you choose not to give us this information, the Image Library cannot refuse to offer you the service or to help you. The exception is if we need the information to give you the service. In each case, we will make it clear when you have a choice.

  10. What are your rights?

    You have the following rights under applicable data privacy laws in respect of any personal information:

    • Be told how we use your information
    • Ask to see the information we hold about you
    • Ask us to change your information you think is wrong.
    • Ask us to remove information we hold about you when it’s not needed anymore.
    • Ask us to only use your information in certain ways.
    • Tell us you don’t want your information to be processed.
    • However, some of these rights, may need to be limited in certain circumstances. For example, we cannot disclose photos or videos if it can affect the rights of others. If we are unable to fulfil a request from you to exercise one of your rights, we will write to you to explain why.


      The law allows us to get and use your information. We may share your information with others and will ask for your permission to share your information whenever you have a choice. You can tell us not to share your information, even when you have said yes before. If you have any questions please contact, the Data Protection Officer at [email protected].

Last update: July 2021